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Real cats seem to like Stray as much as we do

If the Twitter account @CatsWatchStray is any indication

Long awaited cat 'em up Stray is out as of today, which is good news for us humans who play videogames. It may also be good news for actual cats, if the Twitter account Cats Watching Stray is any indication. It seems like cats can't get enough of watching their virtual doppelganger on screen, and in turn, I can't get enough of watching them watching.

Seriously, check out the account for yourself. Is this merely interesting in the way that all pictures of cats are, somehow, fundamentally interesting? Has the heat rendered my brain mush and now staring at things wide-eyed and head empty is all I'm capable of? Both?

There are plenty of photos on the account, but it's the videos I like best. Some cats clearly think the television is a window and that there are real cats behind it. Some seem to think the cat is trapped inside the television, and are jealous. Or perhaps cats experience the uncanny valley (the uncatty valley?) and they're all going to have nightmares tonight about slightly wrong felines.

If the cats are enjoying watching Stray, it only demonstrates their good taste. It's apparently a great game according to Katharine's Stray review:

"Will dog lovers and cat-haters get as much out of Stray as someone who, as we speak, has two stretched out purr machines on the bed behind her? Probably not, in all honesty, as fully inhabiting its feline lead is at least 50% of the appeal here. But even if you're not massively into cats the same way I am, Stray is still a remarkable action adventure game in its own right, and whose naturalistic approach to 3D platforming is among the best I've seen."

But where is the Wot I Think by Katharine's cats?

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