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Real sports teams are broadcasting fake sports while we isolate

The refs are definitely crooked though

Sitting in a stadium surrounded by thousands of other folks is the exact opposite of self-isolating. To help curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus by preventing large gatherings, sports organizations around the world have been cancelling and postponing their live sports events. All is not lost though, because some are now livestreaming and broadcasting simulated versions of scheduled matches inside games like NHL 20 and NBA 2K20.

The EA's NHL account has been allegedly running matches inside NHL 20 and posting the final scores for a series of matches each day. I call shenanigans though. How can we trust these numbers if we don't see the match, EA?

The Carolina Hurricanes hockey team is taking things a step further. They livestreamed a simulated matchup between the Canes and the New York Islanders yesterday. Wouldn't ya know it, Carolina won.

For basketball folks, NBC Sports Washington is actually broadcasting simulated games on television. Like, actual television for folks who are use to watching real sports on real TV. "We hope that these fun and engaging video game simulations will entertain our fans and help provide a greater sense of normalcy during these challenging times" said Zach Leonsis from Monumental Sports & Entertainment. Monumental are also running NBA 2K20 matches which you can catch on their site.

Good spot, Fansided.

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