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Comcept's ReCore Coming To Windows 10 Too

But what is it?

Keija Inafune and his studio Comcept are working away on their own Mega Man 'em up Mighty No. 9, we've mentioned plenty, but so far we've overlooked their action-adventure-ish sort of a mystery robot-friend game... thing ReCore [official site]. That's because, until today, it had only been lined up for an Xbox One release. Publishers Microsoft have quietly revealed that it's coming to PC too, though it will require Windows 10. The game's a bit of a mystery so, er, here's a cinematic trailer showing a scavenger and her dog-shaped robot buddy:

So you play Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens only BB-8 has turned blue and now lives inside the guts of a big robodog and... no? Okay, no.

ReCore sees a young lady on a hazardous planet mostly populated by mean robots, making friends with a group of nice animal-y robots who have different abilities and are customisable. And... though ReCore is due to come out this year, we haven't even seen screenshots yet, let alone a good look at what it actually is. You fight stuff, right? An interview with Kotaku after ReCore's announcement at E3 explained that it's non-linear with explorey bits and shifting sandstorms that might open up new areas. Y'okay! I get it: you make friends with some robots while shooting other robots.

The idea of ReCore is from Inafune and Comcept, but development's on Armature Studio, who largely work on ports. [Update: removed a load of guff confusing Armature with Iron Galaxy. Different Batman game, sheesh Alice!]

Being exclusive to a specific version of Windows is a bummer but hey, at least Windows 10 is something I actually wanted, and was free. To think Microsoft once tried to tempt people with Windows Vista exclusives!

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