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Red Dead Redemption 2 may finally be moseying onto PC, suggests Australian ratings board

Red Dead Rumours

Rating boards are the bane of games publishers. They're a law unto themselves, with no care for publishers' plans to drip feed us game release details. No. They tell it like it is, to hang with the consequences. And the Australian Classification Board’s website has just heroically listed a new version of Red Dead Redemption 2, hinting that it could be on its way to the PC.

Resetera spotted this. It follows the same pattern of the Grand Theft Auto V release when the multi-platform listing was eventually followed up with a PC listing. Though the new RDR2 listing doesn’t state it’s for the PC, there’s unlikely to be another platform capable of rendering Rockstar’s mighty vistas. And with Rockstar remaking their PC launcher just last week, there’s a suggestion that the Van der Linde gang could resettle on the PC.

I’m pretty excited about this. Not particularly for the main game, which I played on the PS4. I felt it was a bit clunky and bad Deadwood fanfic (Dutch never shut up about his plans, and went on and on like a pub bore), and I have absolutely no desire to return to it. But there’s an amazing mod for the consoles that let you fly around like birds, and it shows just how much care and attention was taken over our flappy friends. I want to play it like this.

I also guess I could get into the online component, as long as there's some serious bird action. I never really bothered with it on the PS4, but I would like a posse.

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