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Red Dead Redemption 2 Online: Make It Count guide

Everything we currently know about the upcoming Battle Royale mode.

It was always likely that Rockstar would want to inject just a little of the Battle Royale flavour into its monster hit Red Dead Redemption 2, and thanks to some clever data-mining by the playerbase it looks as though we have our first details of the mode.

Named Make It Count, RDR2's Battle Royale mode appears to be a 32 player based affair (so significantly scaled down from the usual 100 or so players), where the last player alive wins. You only have access to a certain number of weapons while playing and there is, apparently, a shrinking playable area to ensure no-one camps it out.

Once the mode actually goes live we'll have tips on how to thrive and survive in Make It Count, but for now here's a complete overview of everything - we think! - we know about the mode.

  • Players - 32 players will be able to do battle against one another.
  • Weapons - There will be limited offensive options as part of the rolling playlist. Throwing knives / bow and arrows are mentioned.
  • Locations - It looks as though the location of the battle will change over time. Locations include Stillwater Creek, Saint Denis Plantation, Strawberry and Tall Trees.

SOURCE - illogicalMods

The following descriptions have also been revealed:

Throwing Knives

A true test of resourcefulness: Use nothing but a handful of throwing knives to be the last one standing. With a gradually shrinking player area, there's nowhere to run.

Bow and Arrow

A true test of resourcefulness: Use nothing but a bow and a handful of arrows to be the last one standing. With a gradually shrinking player area, there's nowhere to run.

Red Dead Redemption 2's online beta begins rolling out a little later on today, but it's a staggered affair and access is determined by when you began playing the vanilla game:

  • Tuesday 27th November - Owners of the Ultimate Edition
  • Wednesday 28th November - Those who played Red Dead Redemption 2 on release day
  • Thursday 29th November - Those who played the game within the first three days of launch
  • Friday 30th November - All owners of the game

The start time for each phase, on each day, is 5:30am PT / 8:30am ET / 1:30pm GMT / 2:30pm CET.

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