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Red Dead Redemption 2 Online may get a Halloween Outlaw Pass

It's probably not Undead Nightmare 2, unless?

Red Dead Redemption 2 Online just got a new update earlier this week adding the Naturalist role, but that certainly won't stop folks from digging up secrets planned for future updates. My instinct is to holler "stop peeking at your presents and enjoy the update you just got!" but I'll admit I'm very partial to in-game Halloween events so even I'm distracted by these rumoured leaks. 

There was a Halloween update for RDO last year, including a limited time Fear Of The Dark PvP mode, but us PC folks had barely gotten our hands on the game at that time. This year, it looks like we might get plenty of time to creep through a Halloween update and a dedicated Outlaw Pass of rewards to go with it.

Red Dead players have gone digging in the game's files and appear to have found evidence of a Halloween-themed Outlaw Pass and images that might show new clothes, weapons, and game modes. The current Outlaw Pass (yes, it's basically the same thing as a Battle Pass) is scheduled to end on October 19th, just in time to potentially kick off a spooky seasonal event.

While the above looks like it could be the official image for the Outlaw Pass itself, player "Saiyam" posted a few additional images over on Twitter that look like they could be new unlockable clothes and weapons for a Halloween update. There's a hunting knife with a skull ornamentation, bloody hand bandages, a spooky rifle stock, and Halloween decor for your Moonshine Shack.

Saiyam's found a few more images if you click through to the post, including a mask for your horse, and what look to me like preview images for new game modes. One looks like it could be a race. The other, the same image as up top, seems like it could be another game mode.

As always with leaks and rumours, don't get your heart set on them 'till they're confirmed. They do look quite convincing though, don't they?

With all the spook rumours flying about, I hear the inevitable question bubbling to the surface. "Is it Undead Nightmare 2?" Folks seem to really really like the zombie expansion for the original Red Dead Redemption, and it feels like I hear folks wistfully wishing for a follow-up every time there's talk of RDR2 updates. Definitely don't go hanging your hopes on that possibility, but it would be perfect timing to resurrect it, huh?

Personally, I'm still working on becoming a better Naturalist—you know, the new role that was just released earlier this week. That said though, Halloween events are my absolute favorite kind of seasonal update in online games so I am very, very here for the possibility of spooky fashion and game modes.

Red Dead Online's current Outlaw Pass 3 ends on October 19th, meaning that if this Halloween pass is real we almost certainly won't be playing it until after then.

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