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Unsmashy: Red Faction Guerrilla Patching Continues

Now with less, and more, smashing

Red Faction Guerrilla is a cracking game for rolling around as a giant space asshole, smashing every building to the ground and giggling at its destruct-o-physics. But what then? What when everything is smashed and only you remain standing? You can't smash yourself, Hammerman.

Why, you rebuild it so you can start smashing all over again! Something I did not know RFG has, because it was limited to multiplayer, is a gun which rebuilds smashed things. Now it's in singleplayer too, as Nordic Games are admirably - and somewhat puzzlingly - still patching it.

The Reconstructor arrived in an update this week, but you'll need to finish the game before you can get your hands on it. It seems a shame to dangle a sandbox silliness tool so far out of reach. Modders had brought the Reconstructor over from multiplayer before, mind, but I hear it could be a bit crashy for some folks.

Crumbs, I'm just impressed that Nordic are still working on Guerrilla. They picked the Red Faction series up in the THQ fire sale (along with the THQ name itself) and it was a nice, welcome touch when they ripped Games for Windows - Live out in December to bosh in Steamworks. I thought that'd be the last content patch but no, someone there must really like this game to keep this pet project going. Ace.

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