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You Have 9 Hours To Get Red Orchestra 2 Free

Grab it now to keep it forever

"Some days war takes patience, but other days it demands action," the sergeant barks, I write, lazily imagining how sergeants may speak in all those WW2 films from the 1960s that I haven't watched. "Today is a day for action," I hint to lead into the crux of this video game news post for Rock, Paper, Shotgun. "... you maggot," the sergeant adds then immediately regrets and blushes, fearing he's perhaps a major conflict or two ahead of language like that.

It is a day for action, mind. Until 6pm today, Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad is free on Steam. Not just free to play for one day, oh no. If you grab it in time, it's yours to keep forever. If you don't, I guess you would need to pay money to own and play it, and make a decision about whether that's something you'd like to do or not.

What sparks such generosity? Tripwire certainly have the inspired business model of making players like them and want to buy their games by making good games then updating them with oodles of free content, which this fits in with nicely, but it's also marketing. What snakes!

See, this week also saw Tripwire give RO2's Pacific spin-off Rising Storm a hefty update. Rising Storm also includes all of RO2 so, you know, what they're saying is, like, if you like this free game, perhaps you might fancy buying that game which isn't free? The audacity of it all!

Tripwire are planning a free trial weekend for Rising Storm with a discount t'boot, so at the very least you can use this freebie to train up for that. Actually, sorry: at the very least, you can increase the number of unplayed games within your Steam library by one.

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