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Zwooom! Redout Brings F-Zero-y Hover-Racing

Gotta go fast!

John mentioning MegaRace reminds me: we never post about Redout [official site] being out. Redout is a futuristic hover-racing game inspired by games like F-Zero and Wipeout, with futurecars zipping around wild futuretracks. And it came out two weeks ago. Whoops. "I played exactly one race of it and it is both pretty and fast," our Graham tells me, which is reason enough to bring it up now. Observe, futurecars:

It's the future, see, and everyone's done away with wheels because... they're not really sure. Something to do with a crank in some pre-holo movie hating wheels, maybe? Apparently the real story is that in the far-flung future, we trashed Earth so bad that most of humanity moved off-planet and now uses Earth as a big playground.

So off you go, racing around hovertracks. Redout boasts twelve-player online play, twenty tracks, power-ups, a career mode with levelling-up and upgrading, and other racy things.

Player reviews on Steam are mighty positive, though I do note that the folks at cheery RPS fanzine PC Gamer were a bit more reserved.

Redout is £26.99/31,99€/$34.99 on Steam. It optionally supports Vive and Rift cybergoggles, if you think your meatware can handle your brain shooting around at breakneck speeds.

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