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This Game's Name Has A Different Meaning When Red:Out

Out loud, I mean

One day there's going to be a videogame inspired by Wipeout and it's going to a turn-based, ragdoll physics obstacle course inspired by the TV show of the same name. Until then we'll have to settle for those reviving the future-racing of the beloved PlayStation 1-era game, which is where Red:Out's allegiances lie. It's being made by a small team of Italian developers and there's a couple of pre-alpha videos below which will let you know exactly how close it veers to the source material.

Pretty damn close!

That video is from October 10th, but I also liked this earlier footage from back in July. It has fewer particle effects but a more colourful race track:

I love the slight wobble on the ship's gravity-suspension as it rounds corners.

The developers were one of the Unreal Engine-using indie developers to be taken to this month's Eurogamer Expo by Epic, an experience which they wrote about over here. If you had a play of it, it's worth noting that the speed had been turned down for the show build.

We weren’t exactly at the center of the show, nevertheless many people came across and felt brave enough to pick up the controller. The general feeling was good, especially when the game was on the big screen. It’s funny how we dramatically slowed the ship down for the exhibition build, just to make sure the game was accessible enough for a first-time play session, and yet everyone told us that the sense of speed was really there. We got positive feedback on aesthetics as well, another field where we believe we can still improve. It feels really good, because there’s a solid foundation with so much margin of improvement in all areas.

On Thursday and Friday it was mostly adults and teenagers. On Saturday and Sunday, schoolchildren overrun the fair en masse. Seeing how people of different ages approached the game helped us pinpoint our target audience, but it was the number of small kids approaching the game and succeeding in playing that surprised us. Red:Out is a difficult arcade game, but the will of a kid is stronger.

There's a bunch more insight into the game's creation through at the development log.

Thanks, PCGamesN.

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