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Remember The Titans? B4's Naval Assault's DLC Does


I haven't played one second of Battlefield 4 (is it still all kinds of broken?), because I was taking a personal stand against Dice and EA's refusal to acknowledge how awesome Battlefield 2142 was. Specifically Titan Mode, where each side had a hovering carrier that could be boarded by launching yourself at it in your own personal missile. It was all fashooomgrawwwwwgnargle *headshot*, and it was the best thing Battlefield ever did do. Well, there's some good news if you've been part of my protest: the upcoming Naval Strike map pack (ugh!) will be paying homage to Titan Mode with Carrier Assault mode, though there's no mention of the personal missiles that made that mode so much fun.

I'm trying to rationalise BF4's technology level and the watery suggestion of Carrier Assault, which has to mean a huge aircraft carrier that you'll be breaking in to bust up. They'd be fools to ignore the joy of people launching themselves at the carrier, so how could it work? All I can come up with is the Jetlev. Look!

And if I owned the base game and that sort of thing was on offer, I'm not sure I'd be able to resist.

The rest of the DLC is the usual community-splitting maps set in various bits of the South China Sea: there's a fight on tropical islands, a submarine assault on a naval base, the largest open-water map the series has ever had that I bet has the carrier to assault, and a battle on a cliff-side holiday resort. I'd tell you more, but when I clicked on the site to find out about it, it turned out it was a cheeky link to the the Premium site. Bad EA!

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