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Fiery Freebies: Renegade Ops, Gunstar Heroes, Viking

Explode a great many tanks

That damn Brendan's always flaunting the fact that he had a childhood, that he didn't just floop fully-formed out a pod. Oh hark at you, Mister 'Renegade Ops makes me feel all young and boisterous again and not at all like what grows if you spill nutrient paste down the back of the radiator.' Yeah, well, the rest of us can also enjoy shooting tanks and helicopters and soldiermen in top-down Jungle Strike-ish shooty action, you know. And we can do it for free, as Sega are giving away Renegade Ops along with Gunstar Heroes and Viking: Battle for Asgard right now.

Renegade Ops, then, is a good-time shooty-shooty top-down shooty-shooter full of silliness and antics and explosions. Imagine if Just Cause creators Avalanche Studios made a top-down shooter and... hey, they did, it's Renegade Ops. Gunstar Heroes, meanwhile, is a fun shooty platformer from the Mega Drive, and Viking is a kinda bad God of War-y game made by The Creative Assembly - yes, the Total War folks.

These are the final three freebie's from Sega's Make War Not Love event. If you want 'em, head to that site and give it your e-mail address. Sega say they'll send an e-mail with a Steam code within three days, but I've still not received my code for the last set of three. The first load's method may have confused some but hey, at least it worked. Ah, I'm sure they'll work this out in time. Can't really grumble about free things.

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Renegade Ops

PS3, Xbox 360, PC

Viking: Battle For Asgard

PS3, Xbox 360, PC

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