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Renegade X Commands, Nay Conquers, Your Attention

Get a GDIful

Command & Conquer FPS spin-off Renegade: bobbins.
Commander & Conquer FPS spin-off Renegade's fan-made reinvention Renegade X: not bobbins?

Watch this video. It is quite an exciting video.

Despite the name Renegade X isn't a 'remake' of the disappointing Renegade, but rather it's an Unreal-based project that takes the original concept - C&C's base-building/base-trashing played out from a first (and third) person perspective - and tries to do it well. A bit like Natural Selection on a bigger battlefield, and with Nod vs GDI rather than humies versus alienies.

The project's been in the offing for over half a decade but has just announced a release date - my 35th birthday. RPS superfans will automatically know exactly when this is without my having to tell them anything more, but the three readers who don't have a poster of me on their bedroom wall would probably appreciate my clarifying that this means 26th February, 2014.

This release, deemed v1.0 despite apparently not being out of the beta woods, is multiplayer-focused, offering 15 vehicles, 30 weapons and iconic super-powers such as the Ion Cannon. A singleplayer campaign of sorts was released early last year, though despite Craig's promises then to tell us if it was any good, I remain ignorant on that front. And many other fronts, let's be honest.

Renegade X is, given its IP-troubling nature, a free and not-for-profit project, though devs Totem Arts claim the recently demised EA Victory Games were going to play some manner of supportive role in its release. No more, clearly.

Some early looks at unit and weapon types can be found here, along with more discussion on how the thing works. It's definitely appealing: back in 2002, Renegade sounded like the single greatest idea of all time. Planetside has arguably stolen much of the concept's thunder by this point, but hopefully the base-managing aspect will keep this its own creature.

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