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Boo! Resident Evil 0 HD Released

Be the Bertie

Cor, have you been following the Resident Evil 4 HD Project? I'm still amazed by their attention to detail in recreating textures and tweaking models, and even tracking down places Capcom photographed for texture bases.

In comparison, Capcom's own official HDifications of the survival horror series are a bit unexciting. But hey, they are bringing the games to PC and they are making them play nicely with modern systems and whatnot, so sure! The 2002 prequel Resident Evil 0 [official site] is their latest, released yesterday. It's the one with all the leeches.

The Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster does have a load of recreated textures, to be clear, and it's certainly far fancier than the GameCube original release. And as RE0 was never released for PC, hey! RE0 is now on PC! It's added 5.1 channel surround sound, modernised controls, and so on too.

It also has a new mode, a Wesker Mode where Bertie stops pretending that he can't run around at 50mph and shoot lasers out his eyes. You get to murder everyone real hard!

I could not tell you much about Resident Evil 0. I'm one of those bums who only started with RE4, see, and only got round to the first game over the holidays. I played about an hour of the RE1 HD remake and got bored. Sorry, everyone. But how about that bit in RE4 where Leon S. Kennedy suplexes people so hard their heads explode, yeah? Ace.

RE0 HD is on Steam for £15.99. Have a launch trailer:

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Resident Evil Zero

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