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Shiny Shiny: The Resident Evil 4 HD Project

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If I were prone to making rash, sweeping declarations, I might say "Resident Evil 4 is the best action game." Then I'd hastily add "Wait, maybe this side of Vanquish?" Then "Hang on, what do I mean by 'action game'?" And "I'm not sure I mean that." Followed finally by "I shouldn't have said that." Let's settle for: Resident Evil 4 is very good. And now it can be a fair bit prettier, if you want.

The first big release of texture pack RE4 HD Project dropped over Christmas, making over the first section of Capcom's own HD revamp. The makers are trying so hard to recreate it faithfully, they're tracking down real-world places and objects Capcom digitised.

First off, the texture pack is awfully pretty. I do slightly miss the heavy black lines, but look at this:

I usually avoid 'HD' texture packs, as they often make the game look quite different or are simply the original textures resized with some filters run over the top. Even Capcom seems to have done resize-o-filtering for many textures in the RE4 rerelease. The RE4 HD Project, though, are trying real hard to be both faithful and fancy.

They've tracked down tiles, chairs, statues, bells, arches, and doors, doors, doors that were photographed and turned into textures, giving them fancy HD bases for their recreations.

They're fixing a few minor errors in geometry too.

Anyway, this release makes over the opening Village section's environment textures. The rest of the world, as well as enemies, items, weapons and all that, will follow later. Download it over here and this might help if it crashes for you.

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