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Resident Evil Remaster Arreiving In Janreuary

A new 1080p 60fps gameplay trailer

Resident Evil's Spencer Mansion mansion is looking better than ever in a new 1080p 60fps trailer for the Resident Evil Remaster. It's come along way since is first appearance in 1996; other parts of Resident Evil haven't. After chatting with a prettier-than-ever Barry, passing through a prettier-than-ever door, and exploring prettier-than-ever corridors, the prettier-than-ever Jill gets bitten by a prettier-than-ever zombie she couldn't see because the fixed camera retreated back around a prettier-than-ever corner. Plus ça change and all that. But maybe I'm being a big grump; you'd want it to play the same, wouldn't you?

The trailer comes alongside word from Capcom that they'll release the RE Remaster "starting from" January 20, 2015. That might be for one of the console versions but look, it'll be around then. And they say it'll cost $19.99.

The RE Remaster is a prettying-up of the Gamecube 'REmake' of the original. Capcom say they've touched up the combat and added a new non-tanky control option too but, well, it all still looks a bit of a mess to me. The shiny look and fresh scent of Mr Sheen only make its other clunkiness look jarring and unpleasant. Which is dandy for a game released in 1996, or a game which looks like it was, but the disconnect... it's not one for me, I suspect. But for you, possibly? Have a look:

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