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Resident Evil Village: Can you go back to the castle?

Is there a way back into Castle Dimitrescu?

A fair chunk of your time in Resident Evil Village involves winding your way through Castle Dimitrescu. There's a point at which you'll move on, of course, but it's not exactly clear whether you can go back into the castle once you've reached that point. In this page I'll explain whether or not you can re enter Castle Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village: Can you go back to the Castle?

The first portion of Resident Evil Village takes place at Castle Dimitrescu, where you'll be winding through glistening corridors as the big lady attempts to shank you from behind. Despite the looming threat of death, it's a beautiful place filled with secrets, puzzles, and valuables. As you get deeper into the game, you may want to return to ensure you picked everything up, or to see if anything's changed. I know I certainly did.

However, I'm afraid to say that after a certain point in the campaign, you will be unable to return to Castle Dimitrescu.

When are you unable to return to Castle Dimitrescu?

You will not be able to go back to Castle Dimitrescu once you've found a special knife. As soon as you pick it up, you'll set off a sequence of events which'll lead to you getting shut out for good. Afterwards, there's no secret back entrance, there's no way to lower the drawbridge - there's absolutely no way back in there unfortunately.

To make sure you've mopped absolutely everything up before you progress, I'd advise creating a separate save slot before you've obtained the knife. It's relatively quiet once you've reached this stage anyway, so you can largely explore the castle without being disturbed and ensure you tick everything off.

Remember that rooms turn blue once you've gathered all that they've got to offer. This is an easy way to see if you've still got spots you need to explore in Castle Dimitrescu.

That's all for this page, but Castle Dimitrescu is home to a number of things you'll want to pick up. First off, make sure you grab the Sniper rifle with the help of our weapon locations page. And be sure to complete the Treasure Map Puzzle for a decent payout.

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