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Resident Evil Village's Lady Dimitrescu is 100% scarier as Thomas the Tank Engine

Mods for the demo let you add Barney and take down monsters with fly swatters

If the Resident Evil Village demo wasn’t scary enough, just you wait. I have something that’ll give you the absolute heebies. Mods have already snuck out for Capcom’s horror game, extending the demo’s time limit, but I wasn’t ready for what was to follow. Prepare yourself for the nightmare fuel that is this Lady Dimitrescu/Thomas the Tank Engine mashup.

This is impressive work, coming before the full game is even released. The mod replaces the statuesque vamp's delightful face with Thomas the Tank Engine's. Though it can only do so much, so you'll have to add your own screaming. It's not the only cartoon crossover, either. Have a look at this.

This abomination comes from the paid Patreon of Marcos RC. It's a simple model swap, so the sounds remain from the main game. Still, though. Ugh. It’s not his only creation, either. He’s also added in the Resident Evil 4 Merchant, and a Brazillian model in a banana hammock to the game.

Replacing models is relatively pain-free. Though the two above are tied to the creator's Patreon, this mod manager automates the downloading and installing process of other mods and models, which enables you to grab things like this fly swatter to take down the buzzing beasties that suffuse the air.

And there’s an FOV mod that lets you fix it on the fly. That bodes well for the full game, because I can’t abide a tight FOV myself. I'm a 99+ guy.

The full game will be out May 7, and the demo is live until May 9.

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