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Resident Evil Village Music Box: How to solve the Music Box Puzzle

How to solve the Music Box Puzzle

There's a certain puzzle in Resident Evil Village which caught me out. It's in the Beneviento Mansion, a harrowing place filled with nasty things and plenty of head-scratchers. One of which involves a music box and flipping cylinders. To help you out, I'll explain how to solve the music box puzzle in Resident Evil Village down below.

Resident Evil Village Music Box: How to solve the Music Box Puzzle

In the Beneviento Mansion there's a music box puzzle you'll need to solve if you want to progress in Resident Evil Village. Not only is it difficult to know which cylinders to move, it's hard to figure out what you're actually meant to be doing. If you've been flipping those cylinders for what feels like hours, then fear no more, for I've popped the solution down below. And for what it's worth, I was stuck on this for a long while during my first playthrough.

How to solve the Music Box puzzle

To complete the Resident Evil Village music box puzzle, you need to flip the cylinders so their scratches line up nicely. It's easier said than done, though, as they're pretty hard to see. Plus, it seems like some scratches align in different ways.

Anyway, here's what the solved music box looks like:

The solution to the music box puzzle in Resident Evil Village, with all the cylinders matched up correctly.

Note that you are aiming to line up three big scratches: One on the left, which starts low, then ends around midway up the second cylinder; one in the middle which cuts through the second and third cylinders; and one on the far right, which cuts through the middle of the final cylinder.

An image of the solved music box puzzle, with the reward being a pair of tweezers.

Once you've clicked all the cylinders into place, a melody will play, and a pair of tweezers will be yours for the taking. Head back to the doll, use the tweezers on the mouth, and you'll get a new item which you'll use to progress in the story.

That concludes this page, but don't miss out on our Treasure Map Puzzle and Statue Puzzle solutions for Resident Evil Village.

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