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PC players have bypassed Resident Evil Village's 60 minute demo timer

Surprising no one, I imagine

Resident Evil Village launches this Friday, but you can explore a bit of the game right now in a limited-time demo that's available until May 9th. You're only supposed to be able to play the demo for a total of 60 minutes, but of course PC players have found a way around that already. Now you can play the demo over and over through this weekend if you really want to. Photo mode is time consuming, right?

This final demo for Resident Evil Village is the first that's been available on PC. It lets you explore some of the snowy village that protagonist Ethan Winters winds up in and Castle Dimitrescu above it. You can catch Matthew's thoughts on the Castle side of the demo down below from when it was available on the PS5. He also played the Village half prior to that.

If you're keen to try out both halves yourself, the demo is available over on Steam. Once you download and boot it up, you'll notice the timer ticking down in your pause menu showing how many minutes you have left to play. It does pause if you pull up your Steam overlay, by the by, but not while you're sitting around the in pause menu, I found.

Based on Matthew's time with separate halves of the demo, it sounds like 60 minutes probably is enough time to get through both areas if you'd like. If it's not though, some players have shared instructions on how to reset your timer. It requires clearing all of your progress, so that'll mean starting the demo from the beginning each time, mind.

The two demo sections may not really be all that long, but the timed aspect of it seemed a bit silly anyhow. If we're getting a limited section of the game to play, what's the harm in spending however long we like in it? If nothing else, I bet there are folks eager to wander around and take shots with the photo mode.

I am one of those folks. I wasted about five minutes looking at lacy curtains in each room.

The Village & Castle demo is available now through May 10th at 1am BST (May 9th at 5pm PDT). Resident Evil Village's full launch is this Friday, May 7th over on Steam.

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