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Resident Evil Village's baddies make adorable puppets, somehow

Yes, Lady Dimitrescu is still large

Well well, looks like it's casual Friday over in the village. The deadly baddies of upcoming horror sequel Resident Evil Village have all cast off their spooky faces and transformed into puppets. Yes, including your favorite large lady Alcina Dimitrescu. She's joined by the felty faces of Mother Miranda's other lords for a silly little skit. Actually, one of them's a puppet twice over, somehow. They do look quite cute this way though, even when they're murdering each other.

There aren't English subtitles for the video, unfortunately, so your guess is as good as mine on what's happening here. Unless you happen to be bilingual, then your guess might be a lot better. I choose to believe this is an arts and crafts class gone horribly wrong.

You'll notice that Lady Dimitrescu is still much larger than her pals, even at puppet scale. Important detail, that. Anyhow, here's a goofy little romp between the puppets of yonder village.

One thing I can tell you, if you'd not dug into Village's baddie roster yet, is who these characters are. Lady Dimitrescu you've heard enough about, I'm sure. She's very tall. The chainsaw fella is an engineer called Heisenberg who we've heard Lady D refer to in a couple of Village's trailers so far. Ill-fortuned protagonist Ethan Winters will be dealing with both of them at some point.

There's also Salvatore Moreau who Capcom call "a bizzare man who hides away in a reservoir". No surprise he's the first one to get axed by his mates here then, I suppose. The last of the bunch is the puppeteer Donna Beneviento. Or rather, Donna's puppet Angie. So a puppet of a puppet, then?

In other recent Resident Evil news, the final demo for Village is available starting this weekend and you can preload it now. The multiplayer mode RE: Verse has been delayed until this summer though. Oh, and Resident Evil Village happens to be one of the top ten games in May that we're looking forward to.

Resident Evil Village itself launches on May 7th over on Steam.

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