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Gunslinging JRPG Resonance Of Fate hits PC fashionably late on October 18th

There's always time for bullet time

Shoot guns, make cash, buy clothes, look fabulous, repeat. That's Resonance Of Fate in a nutshell, minus its bizarre and creative combat, puzzle-based world exploration and strange setting. Tri-Ace's gunslinging dieselpunk RPG never really caught on when it first launched on consoles in 2010, but I reckon its mix of "Valkyria Chronicles and a John Woo movie" is worth a second look.

Previously hinted at by a German ratings board entry, Tri-Ace have now released a trailer for the PC remaster, along with an October 18th release date and $35 price tag. Check it out below.

From the looks of the trailer, Tri-Ace aren't changing much for this remaster, outside of bumping up resolution and framerate, which I'm largely alright with. Resonance Of Fate's art direction was solid at the time, and even the desaturated look suited it, as it was set in a smoke-belching, presumably smoggy clockwork city. I also notice that they've fully remastered probably the most preposterous breast bounce in any game ever. For those worried, it's not representative of the tone or content of the game as a whole - that one scene is just weird.

While I could spend half a day trying to explain Resonance Of Fate's combat engine in detail, I'll just let Sega's old official guide video below do the talking. It's quite unlike any other RPG I can think of, but once it clicks it makes a beautiful sort of sense, and juggling an enemy in the air with hundreds of bullets never gets old. Neither does tinkering with Resonance Of Fate's odd weapon upgrade system. While sadly not visible on combat models, you craft connectors, rails, sights, stocks and barrels for your guns and assemble them into huge pseudo-tactical messes to buff stats.

It's all quite daunting in the video above, but the odd thing about Resonance Of Fate is that nothing else is really introduced beyond the systems outlined there. Enemies become a little more technical in their attacks and armour patterns, and the combat maps get a little harder to navigate smoothly, but you start the game with one of every weapon, and all the characters. It's a game about mastering the systems given, rather than grinding for higher stats, and one that I hope people will enjoy when it re-launches next month.

There's no store page for it yet, but Resonance Of Fate arrives on Steam this October 18th, and will cost $35. You can see a little more on Tri-Ace's official page here.

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Resonance Of Fate

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