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Respawn just bait and switched the next Apex Legends character

Who's actually the next legend?

For each new season of of Apex Legends, it seems like players always come to the party with leaks and datamines in hand, already having unearthed half the details about whatever Respawn are about to announce. So far this season is different, sort of. Despite a red herring, it looks like the leakers may have been right after all, based on the animated in-world video released by Respawn today.

In the animated short released today, a reporter interviews Forge—the recently announced new legend for season 4—about his imminent entry to the Apex Games. Forge is pretty confident about his skills and dares any of the other legends to "bring the fight up close and personal." Alright, here's your chance to watch it before I tell you what happens. Have at it.

For a minute there, it seemed like Respawn had gotten the better of players for season 4. They announced Forge, the hulky brawling character as the next legend, despite players totally expecting to see the long-leaked robot character Revenant. However, as Imogen reported last week, Forge's appearance was pretty fishy and it seemed like Revenant was hiding in the background.

Players re-circulated an old leaked development sheet showing future characters and pointing out that Forge isn't one of them. That's not hard proof, but it looks like they were onto something. Revenant was absolutely hiding in the shadows. So if Revenant takes out Forge, is the red robot the real new legend for season 4? Or are Respawn adding both?

Polygon have noticed that Forge's headshot on the official Apex website has been greyed out and his name has been changed to "RIP Jimie 'Forge' Mccormick" with the description "Never defeated (except for that one time)." Sounds like his prospects for the season aren't so hot.

We'll find out for sure shortly when Apex Legends season 4 begins on February 4th.

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