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Retro FPS Dusk strafes into early access

Night draws closer

Here's a (partial) list of the things that explode in the early access trailer for David Szymanski's retro FPS Dusk: demonic cattle, soldiers, cultists, wizards, skeletal moose and a zombie ghost farmer. As in, a farmer that looks like a zombie ghost - I'm not sure what he spends his time farming. Souls, probably.

Dusk released on early access last night. Dominic Tarason reports that the preview builds he's played have excelled at scratching his old-school shooter itch, so this may well be one worth checking out.

The current build features two out of the three episodes that will be included with the full game, which the devs consider "extremely polished and practically finished", along with the Duskworld competitive multiplayer. It also includes two out of three endless arena levels, with the final arena level and campaign episode to follow in "the next few months" when the game releases proper.

Mac and Linux support will follow after release, along with Steam Workshop support and co-op.

I have to confess that aside from Devil Daggers, I haven't really dipped into this new wave of retro FPS's. Which is silly, because although I'm not wizened enough to get in on the nostalgia I am a big fan of twitchy, mobility-focused shooters. Seen as I'm yet to get my mitts on the game, here's Dominic's take on it:

"Having played several preview builds of the game leading up to this point, Dusk feels like a blend of Quake 1, Blood and Doom. Not quite replicating the feel of any one game, but picking many of the most exciting elements from each. It’s a fast-paced, twitchy thing where enemies hit hard and mobility is the only road to survival, thanks to enemies exclusively using solid projectile attacks."

Yeah, I want me some of that.

You can pick up Dusk on Steam for £15/$20/€20, which will be its post-launch price too.

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