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Return To Monkey Island joins Game Pass next week

Meanwhile, more Walking Dead games arrived today

The cast of Return to Monkey Island cluster round Guybrush Threepwood as he opens a treasure chest.
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Avast your behind, hen, for a new month means a new lineup of PC Game Pass games. Microsoft today laid out the comings and goings for the first half of November, headlined by Return To Monkey Island. The revival of the revered point 'n' click adventure game series will hit Game Pass next week, and until then you can tide yourself over with modernistic adventures from more of Telltale's The Walking Dead. Read on for the rest of the games coming in the next fortnight, including some on their launch day, and those sadly leaving too.

Coming to PC Game Pass soon:

Alice Bee's Return To Monkey Island review at launch last month called it "a very good modern point and click game that makes a perfect new entry to a beloved old series." Looking forward to that one myself.

Watching an alien invasion from a hilltop bench in Somerville.

It's an adventureful month, with Fallout: New Vegas studio Obsidian Entertainment's Pentiment also coming to Game Pass. That's their new murder mystery adventure game with a striking style inspired by medieval manuscripts.

You'll also find plenty of adventurous tone (distinct from adventure the genre). Somerville is a new explore-o-adventure amidst alien invasion from a team including the former CEO of Playdead, and does indeed look a fair bit like Limbo and Inside. And Ghost Song is a 2D metroidvania with a sketchy hand-drawn art style, exploring the horrors of an alien moon.

Alas, games coming also means going. As happens regularly, a handful of games will leave Game Pass soon. If you're mid-playthrough, get a fart on.

Leaving PC Game Pass soon:

  • Football Manager 2022 (November 8)
  • Art Of Rally (November 15)
  • Fae Tactics (November 15)
  • Next Space Rebel (November 15)
  • One Step from Eden (November 15)
  • Supraland (November 15)

Many of the dates for these comings and goings were already known but hey, here they are in handy list form. Microsoft's blog post has the full listings for Xbox consoles and Cloud too. They're mostly the same as PC, except Xbox will get the excellent Vampire Survivors on November 10th (it's been on PC Game Pass for ages) and those platforms already have those two Walking Dead series.

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