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Rezzed 2013 And The Leftfield Collection

Rezzed 2013 is our PC and indie games event which is happening on 22nd and 23rd of June at the NEC in Birmingham, UK. Here's why you should come along: You'll be able to play a huge range of unreleased games, from Total War: Rome 2, to Sir, You Are Being Hunted, and hear from handsome industry luminaries such as Rangar Tornquist and Chris Avellone. You'll also be able to get your hands on some of the best unreleased indie games on PC and mobile/tablet in what we cleverly call "The Leftfield Collection". Curated by leading indie advocate David Hayward, the collection includes lusty indie hopefuls such as The Fullbright Company's Gone Home, Abbey Games's Reus, and Size Five's Gun Monkeys.

A full list of Leftfield folk can be found below!

The full list of Leftfield Collection PC titles is as follows:

Apotheon - Alientrap Games
Ending - Aaron Steed
Ether One - White Paper Games
Full Mojo Rampage - Over the Top Games
Gone Home - The Fullbright Company
Gun Monkeys - Size Five Games
Hacker, the movie hacker simulation game - Liam Fogerty
icefishing v - Nathan Gallardo
Luminesca - Matt Glanville
Morphopolis - Micro Macro Games
Reus - Abbey Games
Silhouette - Manikin Games
Sneaksneak - Frambosa
That Dragon, Cancer - Josh Larson
Trash TV - Lawrie Russell
Undercurrent - Balls Deep Productions

This year's inaugural selection of mobile and tablet titles follows:

Helix - Michael Brough
Out There - Mi-Clos Studio
RYMDKAPSEL - grapefrukt games
Stickets - Harry Lee

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