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Rezzed Announces Talk Of The Future Of Total War

Rezzed, the first PC and indie games show this 6th and 7th July, is adding more and more reasons to make sure you're there. As if knowing that we'll be there isn't enough, last week we revealed that Borderlands 2 will be playable, along with a sweet demo of XCOM: Enemy Unknown to watch. And now we can tell you that Creative Assembly will be there to talk about the future of Total War.

The studio has been around for 25 years this year, and to celebrate they'll be offering a presentation called "25 Years Of The Creative Assembly", part of which will involve an exclusive first look at their plans for the future of the series. OoooOOOOoooo. Says lead designer James Russell,

"I'll be at Rezzed giving a talk on the making of the Total War series, and showing a sneak peek of what we're doing next. Exciting times – see you there!"

See - he said the same thing I did. Now you know it's FACT. That presentation will be at 1pm on 6th July.

There will also be hands on time with Aliens: Colonial Marines, Prison Architect, Xenonauts, and loads of others, along with an announced presentation from Stainless Games about Kickstarting Carmageddon. There's also the Leftfield Collection, an indie showcase, because we would flat-out not be okay if that weren't a part of it. (If you'd like your game to be involved, get in touch with this man.) Oh, and there's a bunch more yet to be announced, as we perpetually hype you into a state of being unable to resist buying tickets. Did we mention that we'll be there? Actual us. You could try to touch us before our teams of bodyguards snatch you away and break your kneecaps out back.

Tickets are rather reasonable at £12 for a day, or £20 for both. You can buy them here. And you can bet your bum we'll have more to announce as time goes on.

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