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Ritual Of The Moon diary: day 27

The end is nigh

Something happened today! I accidentally crashed the meteor into the moon! I didn't mean to, I just steered it down instead of up, and then I realised it was getting bigger, and it hit the moon! When I looked at the chart it showed a drop. What does it mean?

I immediately thought it was a drop of blood, because I've been thinking about periods this whole time (plus, mine just started again -- if it had started today I would have said it was extremely poetic, but sadly it started yesterday). So if it is blood, what does that mean for the metaphor!? Am I over-thinking it? Am I under-thinking it? It might be lots of other things!

I realised today that I've started recycling thoughts with this diary series, even though I didn't mean to. I can't be original for a month. Imagine eternity! I only have one day left to make a decision for Marty Burnham The Moon Witch, viz. whether she lives forever or not. Today she asked the question:

"I can't give an eternity... can I? Can I give that much?"

It seems like she's asking me. And I think I just realised that Marty Burnham might be the mother of the Earth in this scenario, a twist I did not see coming (or should have realised a long time ago, possibly). Because when you have a child suddenly you don't have your own life any more, do you? You commit to looking after it for your whole life. Which is the other terrifying thing about being a parent. Maybe I already told you I've thought that. Hm.

I think it might already be too late for the decision, but hey ho. I'll sleep on it.

Today's ritual drawing is someone mysterious in a mysterious cloak. Or possibly a sou'wester.

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