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Rivals of Aether wavedashes to a full launch


The Smash Bros.-y platform fighter Rivals of Aether [official site] has hopped and bopped out of early access to launch in full. Rivals of Aether sees eight elemental anthropomorphic animals (who look like cute Pokémon) duffing each other up in 1v1 and 2v2 fights, trying to knock each other out of the arena and out cold. It's a Smashlike, yeah? And a pretty good one, from what I've heard.

I do like how Pokémon-y some of those monsters look. Rivals is still cheerier than the brutal dog fights that Pokémon hides behind its turn-based attacks but it's nice to see.

Early access took a year longer than originally planned but so it goes. The launch update bringing Rivals of Aether to version 1.0.0 has added a story mode, Abyss mode (a wave survival mode), leaderboards, new music, and other odds and ends. Future patch plans include improving keyboard controls and adding online play for Abyss Versus mode.

Rivals of Aether is out on Steam for £10.99/14,99€/$14.99. It's created by Dan Fornace, who you might also know from his small Smashlikes and demakes such as Super Smash Land.

Elsewhere in Smashville, Brawlout is still slated to launch in "early 2017", and the Smashfans at Wavedash Games are still revealing characters for the platform fighter they've not quite announced yet.

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