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Roblox promo codes list [September 2021]: how to redeem Roblox promo codes for free items

A full list of Roblox promo codes and free items

Roblox promo codes are a great way to earn free items and accessories which you can then use to customise your Roblox character. If you don't have enough Robux to deck out your character in fancy clothes, don't worry! Read on for our list of Roblox promo codes, then read further to find out how to redeem Roblox promo codes and complete challenges to earn dozens of free items!

Roblox promo codes list [September 2021]

Here is a list of Roblox promo codes that you can use to get free items in Roblox:

  • ROBLOXEDU2021 – Dev Deck
  • SMYTHSCAT2021 — King Tab Hat
  • SPIDERCOLA – Spider Cola
  • TWEETROBLOX – The Bird Says
  • DIY - Kinetic Staff (can only be redeemed in Island of Move game)
  • GETMOVING – Speedy Shades (can only be redeemed in Island of Move game)
  • SETTINGTHESTAGE – Build it Backpack (can only be redeemed in Island of Move game)
  • STRIKEAPOSE - Hustle Hat (can only be redeemed in Island of Move game)
  • VICTORYLAP – Cardio Cans (can only be redeemed in Island of Move game)
  • WORLDALIVE – Crystalline Companion (can only be redeemed in Island of Move game)
  • BOARDWALK — Ring of Flames Waist Accessory (can only be redeemed in Mansion of Wonder)
  • FXARTIST — Artist Backpack (can only be redeemed in Mansion of Wonder)
  • PARTICLEWIZARD — Tomes of the Magus Shoulder Accessory (can only be redeemed in Mansion of Wonder)
  • THINGSGOBOOM — Ghostly Aura Waist Accessory (can only be redeemed in Mansion of Wonder)

This promo code list is up to date as of September 2021. Some of these codes need to be redeemed in different ways. Read on to find out how to redeem all of these Roblox codes.

How to redeem Roblox promo codes

To redeem a basic Roblox promo code, you just have to go to the Redeem Roblox Promotions page and enter the codes one at a time.

A screenshot of the Roblox promo code page, where you can enter codes to redeem them for free items.
Redeem a basic Roblox promo code by following the link above and entering the code, then clicking "Redeem".

How to redeem Island Of Move promo codes

To redeem Island Of Move codes, you have to play Island Of Move. Once you're in the game, click on the green character standing under the words "PLAY IT!", and click the "Redeem Code" button. Then enter your Island Of Move codes one by one.

A screenshot of part of the process of redeeming a Roblox promo code in the Island Of Move.
Redeeming an Island Of Move code, Step 1: Click on the green character standing under the words "PLAY IT!".
A screenshot of part of the process of redeeming a Roblox promo code in the Island Of Move.
Step 2: Click on the "Redeem Code button".
A screenshot of part of the process of redeeming a Roblox promo code in the Island Of Move.
Step 3: Enter your Island Of Move Roblox promo codes one by one.

How to redeem Mansion of Wonder promo codes

To redeem Mansion of Wonder codes, you have to launch the game Mansion of Wonder. Then head to the in-game Swag Booth to redeem the codes.

Free Roblox items list

You can also get free Roblox items without using promo codes. Many Roblox games give items as rewards for completing certain tasks, and many of these items will go straight into your inventory for your account.

Here's a list of free Roblox items and how to get them:

Royal Blood Beanie

You can claim this free item directly from the Avatar Shop to celebrate the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards.

Twenty-One Pilots Concert Experience

A Twenty-One Pilots Concert Experience will be taking place inside Roblox on Friday 17th September, with a pre-show event on Wednesday 15th September. However, entering the lobby ahead of those times allows you to participate in a scavenger hunt for free swag: collecting 18 coins nets you a Twenty-One Pilots flag, and there's also a Twenty-One Pilots Bandito Army Jacket available to grab for free from the Roblox Avatar store.

Bakugan Launch Party

All you need to do is enter the Bakugan Launch Party experience and you should automatically receive the Drago Companion shoulder pet accessory!

Roblox Community Space

You can redeem a free Classic Cap by visiting the Roblox Community Space and completing all three tasks viewable under the Tasks tab in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

Vans World

As part of the Vans World promotional event, a small number of Vans Apparel items are available to claim for free in-game. The Black Realm Backpack and Vans White Spicoli Sunglasses will be available for free on alternating days in rotation for the duration of the event, so be sure to check back periodically!

Verizon promotional item

Verizon customers can sign up to the Verizon Up mobile app to redeem an exclusive free Pro Gamer Helmet in Roblox. After downloading the app, navigate to the Rewards Center and select Claim on the Pro Gamer Helmet. This will generate a unique 12-digit code you can enter at the Redeem Roblox Promotions page.

Amazon promotional item

Players with access to an Amazon device (such as a tablet) can log into their Roblox account from said device to redeem a free Monkey Safari Hat.

Luobu Mystery Box Hunt

Continuing the celebrations of the platform's launch in China under the name Luobu, you can participate in this new event and get free stuff as a reward. Play Luobu Mystery Box Hunt and collect mystery boxes to exchange at the in-game shop for the following prizes:

  • Rainbow Trail body effect: Find 6 boxes.
  • Head Blooming head accessory: Find 12 boxes.
  • Forest Elf or Nova avatar bundles: Find all 20 boxes. Note that you can only redeem one of these two bundles and can't change your choice later, so make sure you know which one you want before redeeming at the Box Exchange Shop!
  • Kid Nezha avatar bundle: Interact with the Kid Nezha statue inside the arena.

KSI Launch Party

To celebrate the KSI Launch Party event, you can redeeem the AOTP Hat and a pair of Golden Headphones for free from the Avatar Shop.

Nerf Hub

Play Nerf Hub and complete in-game challenges to earn the Dart Glasses and a Nerf Dart Cap.

Stranger Things: Starcourt Mall:

Play Stranger Things: Starcourt Mall during beta development to earn Dustin's Hat.

Zara Larsson Launch Party

At the time of writing, you can still claim a handful of free items added to celebrate the Zara Larsson concert experience that took place on May 21st: a Poster Girl record, pajama top and matching pants, and the ZZZ headband.

Wonder Woman: The Themyscira Experience:

Play Wonder Woman: The Themyscira Experience and complete in-game challenges to earn coins with which you can purchase 9 items: 1984 Fanny Pack, 1984 Sunglasses, Barbara Minerva's Jacket, Golden Armor Set, Purrfect Necklace, Savannah Cat Ear Headband, Savannah Cat Head, Savannah Cat Tail, Shoulder Stalker.

Galactic Speedway Creator Challenge:

Complete the 6 quiz challenges in the Galactic Speedway Creator Challenge to earn 6 items: Supernova Pauldrons, Scrap Metal Hat, Rover the Astro-Pup, Saturn Ring Hat, Scrapper's Backpack, and Hyperspace Jetpack.

Godzilla Creator Challenge:

Complete the 3 quiz challenges in the Godzilla Creator Challenge to earn 3 items: Rodan's Head, Godzilla Spine Backpack, and Ghidorah's Wings.

Jurassic World Creator Challenge:

Complete the 6 quiz challenges in the Jurassic World Creator Challenge to earn 3 items: Jurassic World Headphones, Jurassic World Cap, and Jurassic World Backpack.

PC Creator Challenge:

Complete the 3 quiz challenges in the PC Creator Challenge to earn 3 items: Classic PC Hat, Motherboard Visor, and Book Wings.

Beat The Scammers!:

Complete the quiz challenge in Beat The Scammers! to earn the Shield of the Sentinel item.

Ready Player Two Hub:

Enter the Ready Player Two Hub to earn 2 items: Ready Player Two Shirt, and Mys7erious Book.

Robloxian High School:

Beat Robloxian High School to earn the Bombastic Bling item.

Build A Boat For Treasure:

Beat Build A Boat For Treasure to earn the Russo's Sword of Truth item.


Beat RoBeats! to earn the DJ's Sword of Agility item.


Beat Piggy to earn 2 items: Crown of Madness, and Sabrina's Sword of Healing.

Free Avatar Shop items:

Go to the Roblox Avatar Shop Catalogue and filter it to show only Accessories, and then sort by "Price (Low to High)". You'll find dozens of featured free items that you can get just by clicking on them and then clicking "Get" on the item page.

Expired Roblox promo codes (no longer working)

Finally, this is a list of expired Roblox promo codes. The below codes no longer work. So if you're trying to enter a code and you see it below, the reason it isn't working is because it has expired.

I'd suggest you do a search (CTRL+F on your keyboard) for the code you want, so you can find it easily.


That's all the Roblox promo codes and free items that we know about! Now why not check out our list of the best Roblox games on the market?

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