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Rock Of Ages 3 tumbles into open beta this week

Keep it rolling

Rock Of Ages 3: Make & Break has begun its unstoppable descent, and not even the sturdiest cardboard cut-out can stop it now. ACE Team's latest boulder-pusher is preparing to break down Steam's fortress on July 21st. But if you can't wait that long (and can't find your own small rock to push down an incline), fear not - Rock Of Ages 3 is rolling into a week of open beta starting this Tuesday, June 9th. Smashing.

Announced back in August '19 (and rolling onto our site with extended gameplay this year), Rock Of Ages 3 is opening the castle gates for a week ahead of next month's launch.

Make & Break is the third in Ace Team's run of reverse Sisyphus 'em ups. Cursed to forever roll giant boulders down labyrinthine hillsides, Rock Of Ages has you smashing up precarious collections of nonsense with an increasingly ludicrous line-up of rocks, eggs, sheep katamari and cheese wheels. It's all painted with a wonderfully quirky Monty Python-esque slapstick brush - cut out gods and mumbling, bumbling lordly folks - without having to engage with the Python boys themselves becoming a bit shit in their old age.

This time around, you'll be able to put together your own haphazard downhill jams with a new level editor, letting you share them online and try out other players' slopes. There'll be a whole new load of obstacles, modes, and boulders of varying fragility and absurdity to mess around with. Still, it looks to be largely the same boulder-pushing nonsense you'll have come to expect by now.

That's fine, really. We like rocks here. Put 'em in the name of the website and all.

The Rock Of Ages 3 open beta starts on Tuesday the 9th and runs through 'til June 16th. You can sign up for the beta at Rock Of Ages 3's Modus Games' site, or else hold out for Steam release on July 21st.

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