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Game Of The Month: August - Rocket League


Game Of The Month rises again, reborn for another 28-31 days of answering timeless questions such as, "What do I do if I don't have time to play everything I want?" Answer: play just one thing. And "what one game should I play if I only play one thing?" Answer: for the month of August, car-to-ball multiplayer game Rocket League [official site].

Rocket League is both the perfect RPS game and a huge surprise: it's about cars and footballs, about which most of us don't care, but it's so ridiculous and joyful and carefully designed that it's gripped almost all of us. We'll have an RPS verdict up later tonight to explain why in more detail, but in the meantime you can already read Adam's Rocket League review or gaze upon Pip's lovely screenshots.

Why is August’s game a game that was released in July?

We want to be able to play the games we choose as Game of the Month, not speculatively guess at what might be worth your time. That means that the games we choose will already be out, and in some cases may have been released years ago if they have suddenly become relevant again. It also means you can start playing the game we pick immediately if you so choose. We explain this every month and people still seem confused.

Have you guys done this before?

Yes. We've so far included Cities: Skylines, Grand Theft Auto V, Invisible, Inc and Her Story. That's quite a nice bunch of games. All of their respective features and GOTM coverage can be read here.

Talk about how much fun cars and balls are in the comments, eh?

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