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Rocket League having a free weekend, rejoice

Cars wot boot fast

The weekend looms. The dreaded monster of “free time” skulks in the shadows, ready to devour you and spit you out again on Monday morning. What sacrifice must we make this time to the foulspawn? Prey is coming out, but that is expensive. The Division is free until Sunday, but that is grindy. If only there was some small, wonderful, universally-adored game to throw to the creature. Something with cars, but also giant bouncing balls, but also slow-motion replays, but also playable for £0.00.

OH MY WORDY WORDS, WHAT IS THAT. It’s a Rocket League [official site] free weekend.

The fast-paced game of wheel-to-ball will be free on Steam from now until Sunday morning, with a discount for anyone looking to buy it. The developers at Psyonix have done this before, and it likely won’t be your last chance to take a floundering leap at the goal posts for free. But we thought we’d let the twelve people who haven’t yet bought the game know that it’s happening.

It’s changed a little over the years, mostly just adding more and more things to do. It recently added the funky new “Dropshot” mode, for instance, in which the hexagonal tiles on your side of the field, if struck by the ball enough times, become your goalposts. But there’s also the slightly older “Rumble” mode, which introduces daft weaponry and power-ups to the game, like magnets and grappling hooks. For anyone who hasn’t looked at it since its original release, there’s a lot more silliness to be had.

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Rocket League

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