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Moooongooooaaal! Rocket League Mutators Now Live


Football with rocketcars, sure, that makes sense to me - it's the natural evolution of ballsports, to come in our own future following an intermediate step of sports combining rollerskaters and motorbikers. But making the ball cubic? Making cars murder each other on contact? Now that is unlikely! But you can virtually indulge in this wild dream, as Rocket League [official site] developers Psyonix have added those and more as optional oddities through 'mutators' in an update last night.

These are small options that can change the game in silly ways, from low-gravity Moonball (which, again, seems inevitable) to carhockey (preposterous!).

To give examples of what folks can do with mutators, Psyonix have added a new 'Mutator Mashup' playlist you and your pals can roll around in, with these modes:

Beach Ball - A huge, slow, lightweight ball with a lot of bounce
Cubic - Cube shaped ball and recharging boost
Demolition - Demolish opponents on contact in a high gravity matchup
Moonball - Low gravity action with a whole lot of boost
Pinball - The ball is small, light, fast and bouncy... and a lot to handle
Time Warp - Slow down the action as you get close to the ball

Private matches get to fiddle with all these custom options:

Match Length - 5, 10, 20 Minutes, and Unlimited
Max Score - Unlimited, 1 Goal, 3 Goals, 5 Goals
Game Speed - Default, Slo-Mo, Time Warp
Ball Max Speed - Default, Slow, Fast, Super Fast
Ball Type - Default, Cube
Ball Weight - Default, Light, Heavy, Super Light
Ball Size- Default, Small, Large, Gigantic
Ball Bounciness- Default, Low, High, Super High
Boost Amount - Default, Unlimited, Recharge (Slow), Recharge (Fast), No Boost
Boost Strength - 1x, 1.5x, 2x, 10x
Gravity - Default, Low, High, Super High
Demolish - Default, Disabled, Friendly Fire, On Contact, On Contact (FF)
Respawn Time - 3 Seconds, 2 Seconds, 1 Second

Not bad, that! The update added, fixed, and changed a few other things too, so rocketheads should check the patch notes. Here's a wee trailer showing off a few mutators:

Or, for a longer look, here are the devs playing with a few different mutators on a livestream last month:

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