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Rockstar owner Take-Two's hacking woes continue as 2K confirm attack on their support service

Don't open any emails from 2K Games Support, pleads publisher

2K’s customer support team say that they’ve been hacked, and recommend that anyone who’s received a dodgy email from them change their passwords immediately and enable two-factor authentication. The company said they became aware of the attack early yesterday, after an “unauthorized third party” managed to access the credentials of a vendor to 2K’s help desk platform. The hacker then fired off a message to some accounts that contained a malicious link.

The hack was made public by 2K Support’s account on Twitter, along with some advice to potentially affected customers. 2K Support recommend that anyone who receives a suspicious email appearing to be from them should reset their password and enable multi-factor authentication. The company also suggested running antivirus software, and checking your account to see if forwarding rules had been added or changed.

The support account said that 2K will issue another notice when users can start interacting with emails from 2K’s help desk again. Until then, their support portal is offline. Don’t open any mail from them or click on any weird links, basically. It's all particularly awkward in light of 2K pointlessly shoehorning their launcher and account-linking into all three BioShock games earlier this month.

Liam runs through the character classes in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.

2K’s breach comes not long after fellow Take-Two stablemate Rockstar’s servers were compromised by another "unauthorised" hacker, resulting in early development footage of GTA 6 leaking onto this here Internet. Fortunately, the leak doesn't seem to have affected GTA 6's development schedule, and has actually prompted several other developers to share early footage of their own big releases today to show people that, yes, video games really do like this when they're still being worked on.

It's unlikely we'll see anything as positive come out of 2K's hack, but remember, nobody should ever be asking for your passwords or personal info, be they official accounts or anyone else. Stay safe, folks.

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