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Rogue Trooper Redux shows off Nu-Rogue

Meet the new Rogue, same as the old Rogue

A new trailer gives a teeny look at Rogue Trooper Redux [official site], the upcoming revamp of Rebellion's perfectly good 7/10 action game from 2006. Unlike 2000 AD's attempts to revamp the comic strip this game is based on, the Redux's plans are fairly modest. It's like Rogue Trooper but prettier and hopefully slightly less clunky - but only slightly less so. I don't even want a huge overhaul or modernisation; I'd be content with a mild prettying-up, support for modern resolutions, and a few fixes and tweaks. Don't risk that 7/10ness. This trailer mostly explains backstory but does have a cheeky peek:

Rebellion say the Redux's Nu-Rogue is based on ye olde 2000 AD character. He looks basically like Rogue to me, and I do dig the style of the Quartz Zone environment there. If the rest of the game leans slightly more towards a comic-y style, that'd be gravy. Weird nose, though.

Rogue Trooper, if you've missed it, was a perfectly good 7/10 third-person cover shooter. Stealth was an option, and so was turning your gun into a ridiculous multi-shot mortar. Rogue Trooper bounced merrily through an adaption of the comic's original core story, of a genetically-engineered supersoldier seeking revenge against a traitor in an apocalyptic war that's ruined the planet everyone's fighting over. It's fun! Some good oversized architecture and military hardware too. Alec re-reviewed it in 2015 and was still content.

The Redux is being made by TickTock Games, and is due "soon", whenever that is. Probably less soon than 'soon' usually implies, given that Rebellion's marketing plan is only at the stage of showing the game's protagonist.

Rebellion, who also own 2000 AD itself, have said they're opening up licensing opportunities for games based on more comic stories - Judge Dredd included. Rebellion's own Dredd game, the first-person shooter Dredd vs. Death, was not good. I would very much like more -- and better -- games to be set in the oh-so-striking and endlessly weird Mega-City One.

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