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Roguelite city-builder Against The Storm hits 1.0 and PC Game Pass this December

Alongside an endgame permadeath mode

Roguelite city-builder Against The Storm found wide popularity during its year in early access, but developers Eremite Games are now ready for a full 1.0 release on December 8th. The game will also be hitting PC Game Pass, for those of you looking for a ‘no extra cost’ gateway. Launch doesn’t mark the end of the road for the dark fantasy hit, though, since the team has also detailed upcoming newness in the form of a new mode for players in want of an extra challenge.

During its early access run, Against The Storm received content updates every fortnight to bring changes big and small. Since peering its nose through the metaphorical release door, the game has introduced two new species, endgame content, and major reworks to core features. It even revamped its world map and added a big, big egg. The update cadence will surely slow down come December 8th, but the team is ushering in the 1.0 release with one big juicy update.

Eremite say that the 1.0 release will be celebrated with the addition of a new mode, called Queen’s Hand, made specially for the most veteran settlement managers. The mode features permadeath - reverting all unlocks upon failure - and tasks you with beating the game’s hardest challenge under time constrictions.

I’ve not jumped into Against The Storm just yet, but I’m excited to check it out soon, simply because it asks you to construct various smaller settlements rather than a sweeping city. Essentially it’s a village-builder, and I like games that let me live out my cottagecore, forest hermit community fantasies. Although, the game does hide more sinister threats and less cosy biomes further in. Also there's the threat of the storm, as implied by the title. Either way, hopefully its got a shot at cracking our best management games list.

You can find Against The Storm on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store for $30/£25, or you can download it on PC Game Pass when it leaves early access on December 8th.

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