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Vomculus: NoLimits 2 Roller Coaster Sim Adds Rift

Look out below!

As someone with eyes too shrewd to fall for the smoke and mirrors of Oculus Rift (the images don't merge), I seek alternative entertainment from cybergoggles. I want to stand by and titter as people with gullible eyes experience horrible and terrifying things, wailing and flailing as they sit in comfy chairs with black boxes strapped for their foreheads. I am very keen to watch people playing NoLimits 2 Roller Coaster Simulation with its newly-added Rift support. I might shake their chair gently then leap back away from the torrent of vomit. You and your foolish eyes.

One of the first big popular Rift showcase games was a version of Epic's tech demo Epic Citadel with a roller coaster boshed in, thrilling and delighting folks with its twists and turns. Oh, how I've enjoyed seeing people go through that! So an actual proper roller coaster simulation, with real roller coasters really proven to make real people really spew, will be a rare treat for me.

I suppose it'll also be deeply thrilling for roller coaster fans. I'd recommending pointing a fan at your face and slipping plastic coat hangers over your arms to capture more of that roller coaster feeling.

NoLimits 2, I suppose I should explain if it isn't already clear enough, is a roller coaster sim where folks can build their own dream coasters or recreate real-world favourites then ride them in 3D shinyvision, and share them with others. A demo's over here (and on Steam) if you're curious. It's also on sale at the moment, down to £22.39 from the maker and on Steam.

Now imagine a person of a nervous disposition going through this player-made horror on Rift, fighting to resolve the disconnect between what their eyes see and their body feels:

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We may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy.

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