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Romero Games making strategy game with Paradox

How mysterious!

Romero Games, the Irish studio led by John and Brenda Romero, are making a mysterious new strategy game with Paradox Interactive. Y'know, John Romero, the famed Doom level designer who's also known as the victim of Daikatana's marketing campaign. And y'know, Brenda Romero, designer and writer on Wizardry 8 and the creator of the monstrous board game Train. That Romero Games, with them. What exactly they're making for Paradox is a secret for now, without even a name and described only as a "strategy game based on original IP." Tell me more, tell me more.

"This has been a project we've been wanting to work on for a long time, so it's especially exciting that we'll be partnering with Paradox Interactive to fully realise that dream," Brenda Romero said in today's announcement. "We can't wait to tell everyone more, so make sure you watch this space!"

Paradox CEO Ebba Ljungerud added, "At Paradox Interactive, we've built a reputation for top-tier strategy games and we're employing that expertise to help build something really special with the team at Romero Games."

MYSTERIES. Apparently we'll hear more during E3 in June.

John Romero has also been working on a ye olde Doom mod adding a whole new campaign level, named Sigil. That was due in February but is now, or was last I heard, due some time this April.

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