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Roundabout Is Out And About A Revolving Limousine

But here is what it's not

Roundabout is out! It-- No, it's not a game based on the Ballard novel Concrete Island, though yes that would make a lovely setting for a walking simulator. It's-- No! It's not an homage to early-'60s kids cartoon The Magic Roundabout replete with less-than-subtle drug references. Shut up a moment and I'll tell you what it is.

It's an open world puzzle game in which you drive a revolving limousine around a colourful pastiche of '70s B-movies, complete with live action cutscenes which tell the story of Georgio Manos, "arguably the world's most famous revolving chauffeur." Yes yes, this would have been your third guess. It came out last night and there's a launch trailer below.

I like the look of the spinning challenges, where you have to sneak your twisting vehicle around certain obstacles and score points for hitting certain other obstacles. I like the sound of the speedrun mode, which encourages efficiency and rewards those mad enough to invest huge amounts of time in the game. But really it's those full motion cutscenes that are going to make me spend my weekend playing it.

You can get Roundabout on Steam for £11/$15 (20% off for the first week) or via Humble at the game's site. There's also a special edition that includes prototypes, an artbook and some other goods. I will return next week with some thoughts.

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