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RPS Asks: About Over-A-Tiny-Shoulder Gaming

Games are for babies

For three weeks I've played only two games. I've re-played (for I think the sixth time) the wonderful Flow Free on Android (sometimes I consider converting RPS to an Android site, just so I can wax on about why this game is so exceptional, and why it's distinct from all the other copycat games of the same type), and obsessively looping all three of the Hexcells games on my PC while watching Once Upon A Time on the other monitor. Between me and all this has been a new tiny human, my first kid, born three weeks ago. Hexcells and the morbid fairytale adventures of Storybrooke have predominantly been played between 1am and 6am, while a squirmy boy agrees to sleep only because I've one arm hooked 'round him. I've finished all three Hexcells games twice in the last week (and 24 episodes of OUAT), and it leaves me wondering, what games have RPS mums and dads played in these mad times?

Twitter has informed me that people have completed vast RPGs (I know, I know, I really should be playing Dragon Age at this point, and I imagine that early morning hours will eventually be how I find time to fit it into my life), while watching seasons of Breaking Bad, True Detective, and so on, and mopping puke, poo and tears away. AND SOME OF THEM HAVE HAD BABIES TOO!!!!!! No, seriously, folks.

So what's been your experience? Which games got you through the horrors of seeing 4am for the fourteenth night in a row? Indeed, which games did you finally have time for once you realised sleep was in fact optional?

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