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RPS Asks: What Did You Play Over The Holiday?

Plus how to make roast potatoes

Rock, Paper, Shotgun's writers are stumbling about, eyes blinded by the light. What is it that we do here again? What does that button over there do? What's a Twitter? Perhaps you feel similarly. Perhaps you're still finding roast potato crumbs in your pockets and the memories of unfettered gaming in your brain.

Share those memories of gaming during the holiday in the comments below.

You can share memories of the roast potatoes as well, if you like. We'll do a post tomorrow about what all of RPS were playing over the break, so to start here's mine.

I kept it simple. We boiled the potatoes for five minutes, drained the water, and vigorously shook the potatoes in the pots to fluff them up. Then we got in there with a fork and we forked them all over. Forking is the second best part of making roast potatoes, while the best part is using the word "fork" suggestively during every available conversation. I spoke to John this morning and, d'you know, he didn't even know what forking was! And he has a baby.

But you do it to create grooves for the oil to run into, supposedly because it makes for a crunchier skin. Maybe this is just a lie sold to me by television cooking programmes, I have no idea, but then we put all the potatoes in porcelain dishes, covered it with olive oil and salt, and blasted it in the oven for 45-50 minutes. They turned out great. You don't need goose fat or whatever, and you can totally have a great Christmas roast dinner even if you're vegan or vegetarian.

We had 24 roasties left over after the meal which we ate over the following few days, and then when they were finished we were so sad we had Christmas 2 and cooked it all again, parsnips and sprouts and all. Golly.

So what have you been playing?

Photo credit: Jim Moran

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