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RPS Asks: Whatcha' Playin'?

It might be a little quiet here today due to it being a UK Bank Holiday. Britishers mostly get the day off, see. RPS doesn't generally notice or care about such things, because we're of that quasi-employed caste of the freelancer, but the team does need to rest and go out blinking into the sun, on occasion. So I thought we could turn the discussion over to you guys for a bit and see what you've actually been playing. It's all very well us banging on about the latest and greatest, but what are you guys actually playing? What games kept you entertained in April? What have you dabbled in this weekend?

Over the past couple of days I've finally got around to starting Mass Effect 2, I've played a bit of Quake Live CTF - which remains wonderful, even if the servers are a bit quiet - and, speaking of quiet servers, I took a look at this ambient multiplayer thing: Tranquility, which is apparently shutting down later this year. Something sad about that. Discovering something beautiful at the end of its life...

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