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RPS is hiring a news reporter: come join the team!

Drop the marmalade

Hot scoops, fresh from the presses! RPS is looking for a news reporter to join our dapper team. You can leap straight to the job posting on GI.biz for all the details, but I'll talk a little more about it below.

We're looking for someone who wants to focus on news writing, who can work within the existing RPS style and help us grow beyond it. Although you'll be focused on news, your focus will change from day to day. On one day, you'll be writing lots of posts covering PC game announcements, releases, and patches, while bringing your own wit and wisdom to those posts, as is the RPS way. On another day, you'll be working on just one or two stories, digging deeper into game communities, asking tough questions in interviews, and producing long-form reporting on the games industry's biggest topics.

News has been a core part of what RPS has offered since day one, but we're hiring a dedicated news writer now because the demands of the stories we want to cover have changed. It's more important than ever that our reportage be comprehensive, accurate, and unflinching. (While still being light and silly and fun as often as possible.)

A few common questions answered:

Is this a paid position?

Yes, this is a full-time, salaried role.

Can I work remotely?

We ideally want the person we hire to be based in or relocate to Brighton, England.

Do I need to have existing experience?

Ideally you'll have a portfolio showing existing work of this type, but this is an entry-level position, and you don't need to have already been employed in such a role. If the portfolio is filled with samples from your own blog, which no one reads, then that's fine. A journalism or writing degree of some sort would be great, but it isn't essential, either. You'll report directly to our news editor Alice O'Connor, and we have a team of other experienced writers and editors who will all work to train you in the role.

Do you need to be called Alice to work at RPS?

No, but it helps.

If you think this all sounds swell, head over to the news reporter job posting for instructions in how to apply. And if you have any further questions, drop them in the comments.

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