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RPS is out for the holidays. See you in 2022!

We're back on January 4th

All right, folks, we're now officially done and dusted for the year. 2021 is being brought to a close, and RPS is entering its annual hibernation period. We wish you a merry Christmas, a happy holiday, and a general Festivus for the rest of yous as we scuttle out of the RPS Treehouse for a couple of weeks and have a nice big sleep in our mountain of sweet wrappers. We'll see you back bright and early on Tuesday January 4th 2022.

Over the break, we've got a couple of fun things planned for you. Like last year, we've got a series of (mostly) guest authors telling us about all the best games you missed during the year, and we've also got our usual clutch of Christmas cracker jokes to assail you with until we return.

I'll also be republishing one of our supporter posts every day so everyone can enjoy the mad nonsense we get up to as part of our supporter program. These will all appear in Latest next to the rest of our Christmas programming, but you can also find them in our From The Archive tag, alongside all the other supporter posts we've made public this year.

Finally, I'll be filling the homepage spotlight with some of my favourite articles of the year, so keep an eye out for those very soon.

Oh! And if you haven't seen it already, we opened the final door of our RPS Advent Calendar today, revealing our 24 favourite games of the year (including our actual Game Of The Year, but no spoilers, you'll have to open the door to find out what it is). As always, there are buckets of great games we couldn't squeeze on there, but such is the nature of these things. So tell us, readers, what games are you celebrating this year?

For the most part, though, that's us all done. See you next year folks! Thanks for reading, watching and listening, and stay safe out there.

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