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RPS Omnibus: Feb 9th-16th 

Here at RPS we write about ten thousand million words per second. The best way to find out which of those billion-cubed sentences you should have read this week is to click onwards into our omnibus. It rounds up what we've written during that seven day period, every seven days. As usual, it's mostly awesome. Omnibustle!

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Free games
OMG Kninja! Incredible 2D ninja action game, Katakijin.

Iron Dukes: IGF nominated webgame steampunk Pirates-RPG giggle-thon.

The Club Demo released. Shooty fun.

Spin The Black Circle. Insane-o-hard ball rolling.

Retro: Wild Metal Country. Free Rockstar downloads.

The Smash Online Beta. MMO tennis.

Metro Siberia Underground. Whee!

Last Stand Badass zombie splatterer.

Jack Keane demo He's Keane, but are you?

Hello Kitty Online. The Beta. Aww!

Bow Street Runner. Violence and harlots.


Omnibus image derived from a Creative Commons-licensed photo by xddorox.

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