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RPS On Twitter

We are indeed on the Twitters! Here to be precise. Please follow us, it’ll be fun.

The “rockpapershot” account is primarily used for alerting you fine folks to our most interesting/bewildering/perverted posts, or for breaking news as quickly as possible, but we’re also prone to the odd random natter and reader-questioning, as well as soliciting topic conversations for podcasts and such things.

We’re not checking replies on it 24/7, however – so if you want to contact us, for Unicron’s sake don’t do it via Twitter. Use email, like a normal person.

We’re were most active on Twitter is our personal accounts, which we do tend to watch all the live-long day. If you want 140 characters of bonus reading/thinking/arguing from the Hivemind regularly, then follow this lot:


There you go. Follow us do.