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Alestorm: RPS Social Club Meets March 19th

Calendars and alka seltzer at the ready, ladies and gents! And, uh, axes, apparently! The details of the second ever RPS social club have been fixed, and they are as follows: March 19th at The Blue Posts pub in London. More details, an amazing promotional poster and some similarly amazing name tags await on our forums. After the jump I'll do my best to persuade you to come, but up here I'd just like to give thanks to noble RPS reader Siri for making this all happen. Siri! You are one classy lady, and the energy you're putting into this can only strengthen the already-mighty RPS community. Now, onwards!

Why should you come? Because there'll be booze and great conversation, obviously. Also I'll be there, meaning there will be opportunities for you to touch my shoulder and whisper things like "Quinns you are so strong", or trap me in a corner, grill me about my Fallout: New Vegas review and make me wish I'd stayed at home watching Jamie's 30 Minute Meals because that guy is a food magician.

In all seriousness though, the RPS pub meet-up that I attended during the Eurogamer Expo last year was an incredibly enjoyable night. In case you haven't noticed, the RPS comment threads alone are the politest and funniest of any gaming website, and that translates into a community which is every bit as wonderful in person. Who wouldn't want to get drunk with you guys?

If you're Scottish or Australian and ready to bemoan the fact that this is all happening in London again, why not start a Social Club contingent of your own? Get a place booked, start a thread on the forums and you bet your antlers we'll get you a post on the RPS front page too.

Any veterans of RPS meet-ups reading should feel free to add their experiences to the comments. Let's get something started!

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