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RPS will be at PAX West 2022

RPS premium supporters will get exclusive videos direct from the show floor

Team RPS are off once again and this time we'll be stomping all over PAX West! Katharine and Liam had a great time poking around PAX East back in April and we’re now making our way over to the west coast to make more exclusive videos for RPS premium supporters.

This time, Liam will be joined by myself (hello!) as we cover the show floor from top to bottom, from when the doors open on Friday, September 2nd until they boot everyone out the evening of Monday, September 25th. We’ll be interviewing developers, attending panels, and sharing our thoughts on the best upcoming games on the show floor. If you fancy joining us on our tour through PAX, you can sign up to the RPS supporter program today for just £6 / $8 monthly.

In-person badges are still available to buy from the PAX West website if you wanna hot-step it to Seattle this week, but you’ll be set back $64. If you’re not going, fear not! We’re there bringing you videos filled with PAX goodness, from the biggest blockbusters to the smallest of indies.

For those who didn’t watch our PAX East videos, most of what we’ll be doing at PAX West will be in video form. We’ll have a tour of the show floor, daily round-up videos where Liam and I will be chatting about what we played and saw each day, hands-on coverage of upcoming games, and special guest interviews with developers, panelists, cosplayers, and more! We’ll be dabbling in written posts, but the majority will be in video form. Make sure to check out the RPS@PAX and the RPS YouTube channel to keep up with our daily shenanigans. We hope you enjoy what we have planned!

By becoming an RPS premium supporter, you won’t just get access to our PAX adventures. You’ll also be able to read our supporter-only articles each week, view an ad-free version of the website, free game keys (while stocks last), and more. To get an idea of the types of articles we write for the supporter program, scroll through our From The Archive tag, where we regularly make older RPS supporter posts available for all.

Let us know in the comments if there's anything you want to see, and we’ll do our best to cover it. There’s a lot going on a PAX West so you can sleep well knowing that we’ll be offering the best of what the show has to offer. See you Thursday folks!

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