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RPS@PAX West 2022: Hands-on with Souls-like fairytale Lies of P

The murderous Pinocchio game will be out sometime in 2023

It's day two of PAX West and to kick off our second day of game events and demos we got hands-on with a build of Neowiz's Pinocchio RPG, Lies Of P. The gameplay demo caused quite a stir when it was at Gamescom earlier this year, so we made it one of our priorities to check it out here in Seattle.

Neowiz are not actually at PAX so there wasn't anyone on the team to give us some behind-the-scenes info, but I got stuck into the demo for a solid 30 minutes, brawling with the game's angry robot lads that roamed the city's blood-washed cobbled streets.

Overall, I had a great time with the demo. Yes, it is incredibly similar to Bloodborne in both its combat and environments but there are plenty of other elements that steer it away from FromSoftware's horror-filled gothic RPG. If you want more details instead of that short summary then check out our video below where I talk about my time with the build, and about having my arse kicked by giant mechanical automatons. Enjoy!

Despite its Souls-like features, we think Lies of P has a chance to step out of Bloodborne's shadow depending on were the story goes and how the lying mechanic works. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see any dialogue or story beats in the demo but from the worldbuilding and what snippets of info Neowiz have released, it sounds pretty interesting. If you're at PAX and wanna check out the demo yourself, you can find it at AMD's booth but try get there early as possible as there are only two computers running it and there was quite the queue to play.

Catch up with yesterday's activities by checking in with our RPS@PAX tag and keep an eye out for our daily round-ups, today's should be up later today.

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Lies Of P

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